Florence’s Mecca

Florence has a wealth of antique and second-hand shops and markets. Luckily, one doesn’t have to be loaded with money to buy some very nice things. There are also what in Italy are called ‘compravendita’ shops i.e. shops where one can buy and also bring articles to sell (the shop takes a commission, of course, and the selling price lowers depending on the amount of time it’s been for sale). This kind of shop is also known as ‘contovendita’ which in English translates as ‘account sales’

On a recent visit to Florence I discovered this compravendita-contovendita shop near Piazza Ravenna which is three bridges upstream the Arno from the Ponte vecchio:

It’s truly an Aladdin’s cave, hence, perhaps the name…

The shop also has a web site giving listings of items for sale at


If you don’t know how to get to Piazza Ravenna by bus then, depending where you are in Florence, these are the buses that will get you there:


Happy hunting!



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